Trackmeight Solutions. A Tracking Company You Can Rely On

Trackmeight solutions provide clients with platforms to properly track and manage their fleet.

Fuel Management System

 Manage fuel consumption of your fleet

Vehicle Tracking

Know the whereabouts of your fleet at all times.

Asset Security

Asset Tracking is our security solution provided to cargo transporters who want to track merchandise that is in transit.

We Cover an Array of Industries; logistics, transport, construction e.t.c

Fuel Management

Research has shown that companies lose up to 30% of their revenues to fuel theft/wastage. We introduce our wireless fuel management system to monitor your fuel consumption.

Vehicle Tracking

Manage your fleet with our efficient and effective system, which allows you to trace and track your assets from your desktop/ mobile devices with real-time information.

Asset Security Solutions

Cargo crime is one of the biggest supply chain challenges for manufacturers of high-value, high-risk products and their logistics service providers. But every problem has a solution!

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