We use the most recent state-of-the-art technology in our tracking systems making our solutions some of the best in the market. We focus our beliefs on delivering quality, affordable and efficient tracking and fleet management solutions.

  • Trace and track
  • Tracker & Immobiliser
  • See your vehicle’s status
  • Live location of fleets
  • Trip Reports
  • Show the number of stops per vehicle
  • Alerts for vehicles that have passed set geolocation
  • Total mileage covered
  • Fuel refill report
  • Fuel consumption report
  • Real-time vehicle status

1. Fuel Management System

Research has shown that companies lose up to 30% of their revenues to fuel theft/wastage. With our wireless fuel management system, we give our clients the power to effectively and efficiently manage fuel usage, avoid wastage and theft, and as a result, increase the company’s profits.

System Features

With the TrackMeight FUEL MONITORING SYSTEM, the client has full
control over the vehicle’s fuel usage all the time, 24/7. they get to know;

  • The Fuel Level in the tank (in litres)
  • The amount fueled
  • The previous level before fueling
  • The final level after fueling
  • Fuel Drains or syphoning – including the amount, time and location of
  • The mileage covered against the fuel used
  • The number of trips against the fuel used
  • the engine hours against the fuel used

Our Team On The Installation Process

System Installation Process

GPS Tracking, Device Installation

Drilling of The Tank- Installation of Fuel Level Sensor


Set Up & Account Creation

2. Vehicle Tracking

Fully optimised up-to-date systems that record vehicle locations every minute. You monitor it yourself and therefore you can’t lose it! We provide excellent customer care services and follow up on our customers through maintenance and regular upgrades on our systems.

System Features

  • Geo-fence control
  • Google maps current location
  • Immobiliser
  • Speeding alert
  • Low battery alert
  • Tracking by time interval

3. Asset Security Solutions

In order to help companies manage and improve the distribution of valuable assets, Trackmeight solutions focuses primarily on security solutions for the complete supply chain tailored to the needs of each customer. Our experience and expertise enable us to identify risks and implement effective security solutions complying with international standards.

Based on a preliminary identification of threats and weaknesses we offer our customers a comprehensive range of security services with leading technologies, products and industry professionals. Although no single solution will stop all criminal activity directed towards valuable or at-risk cargo, our program ensures optimal protection of your goods and assets against theft or loss

cargo security

This Security Solution is Suitable for Train Operators, Cargo handlers, Container Shipping Companies, Fuel Transporters and Trailer Companies. This tracking solution allows cargo handlers to locate their merchandise at any time incase of theft. Get In Touch